Darts CLUB

Darts CLUB 1.2

Dart game score complement for your computer

Darts CLUB is a powerful tool that makes different dart game calculations on your computer. Now all you need to do is concentrate on the actual game, while this application keeps score. Darts CLUB helps by enabling you and your friends to add entries regarding the current dart game, and it automatically calculates your score depending on what type of game you are playing. You won't need to save several sheets of papers with game results because this application creates a computer database that stores every detail you need. Darts CLUB can create performance charts, and evaluates you according to your previous scores. It can create complete information profiles for each player, including a picture avatar for each person. Every time you play a new game you'll be able to view archived data regarding past games and see various statistics. Darts CLUB is an essential tool if you love to play darts with your friends, but have trouble keeping score.

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